14 May, 2009

Business Brain

1- which Indian IT giant has signed a five year contract with u.k. based auto maker Volkswagen group to deliver it transformation and support service ?

b)Tech Mahindra

2-Which is not related with TATA group?

a)Tetley brand of tea
c)Star Bazaar
d)next(electronic retail chain)

3-who is the present president and CEO of Mahindra life space developers?

a)Pawan kumar latreja
b)Anita Arjun Das
c)Kiran kureel
d)Ritu meshram

4-._______ recently moved from citi bank in japan to become chief executive of American express Banking corp. India.

a)Rajesh saxena
b)Glen saldanha
c)Sandeep das
d)Robert polet

5- Russian tele communication servise Sistema shyam tele services is planning to bring its international brand __ in india ?

a)neotel mobile
b)telenor mobile
c)Mts mobile

6- Maxis communication is related with ?

b)Verizon Wireless

7-U.K. Alpha Group(pulled out at present) -this company engaged in airport retailting in the country- with which group?

a)LIfe style(ITC)
b)TATA Group
c)Future Group

8-president of TIME and world wide publisher ?

a)Richerd stengle
b)Rdaward Mc carrick
c)Mark Robinson
d)Louis C Camilleri

9)who picked up 3 percent(%)in national stock exchange (NSE) for 100 million ?

a)Anil ambani
b)Azim premji
c)Rahul bajaj
d)Jagdish Khattar

10- Longest running hoarding campaign - ?

d)coca cola

(Thank you :))


Deepak Elango said...

1. TCS
2. Next
3. Anita Arjun Das
4. Rajesh Saxena
5. MTS
6. Verizon Wireless
9. Anil Ambani
10. AMUL

ScoMan said...

Thanks for stopping by =)

I like this idea of having quizzes, but don't know enough about India to participate this time.

shanky said...

@ deepak -nc attempt will ans after 24 hours. any way thnx for taking interest :)

shanky said...

@ sco man - hey wll try next time for global quiz .thanx for visiting :)

Kelvin S. Mangundayao said...

hey!!! thanks for commenting on my blog yesterday... um, i can't answer your quiz... co'z i can't relate... hahaha!!! sorry!!!:p

M Riyadh Sharif said...

It's thee 1st of it's kind i have ever found in blogs.. Carry on dude.

shanky said...

@m Riyadh..- hey thnx for visiting frnd there r so many blogs working like this :)

Babli said...

Thanks for your comment.
Its due to your informative blog I am able to learn lots of things and also gaining more knowledge.Your blog is unique.

My opinion said...

@ babli .it my pleasure :) --m feeling glad that m able to do something new and useful for others.

ishansh said...

hi all hail!!!a very gud attempy.carry on .plz give the name of some goog quizzing blogs plzzz

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