03 May, 2009


1.The official timekeeper for 2012 Olympics ?

2.Magsaysay Award was created to commemorate Ramon Magsaysay, the late president of the which country ?

3.Full form of TSMG ?

4.The Tata logo was designed by the which consultancy?

5. Minister in central government who recently launched website for highlighting his service ?


Sameera said...

1. Omega
2. Philippines
3. TATA stratergic management group.
4.Wolff Olins consultancy
5. :(

shanky said...

@ sameera - i think u searched all the ans from net , m i right ?

Sameera said...

Does that make me bad...?? :(

I learnt about all these ... so serves the purpose doesn't it.??

Nivedita said...

I got all the answers wrong...Im not quiz material yaar :))LOL

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shanky said...

@ sameera - this is gud that m able do something gud for you neway thnx for commenting :))

@ nivedita -it is my hobby to make quiz ,though i was also not able to give the all ans right ok ,yes i visited. :) thnx for commenting

Babli said...

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shanky said...

@ babli- i like quizzes so i made this blog. hey thank for following my blog :))